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Flash Plugin Issues

The TokBox website uses the video, camera, and microphone features in the Adobe Flash browser plugin to do its “magic”. This seems to work well for most but apparently there have been some problems with muted microphones and/or missing cameras, especially on Linux. These problems may stem from the fact that Flash needs permission to use these resources.

Possible Solutions

1. Check your flash plugin settings using the “My TokBox > Cam & Mic Settings” and make sure my “allow” access to camera/mic.

2. If this doesn’t work you can use this link to check flash settings: Web Privacy Settings Panel

It seems that some linux users still can’t get the microphone to work after trying the above, so if you are in that boat you aren’t alone. It seems that linux support in tokbox is still sketchy.

Here are some relevant articles:

Adobe breaks Flash 10 for Linux webcam and microphone users

Help with TokBox — Flash dosen’t detect my mic

Linux support for Mics in Tokbox?

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