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#13 – Dead

We’ve had some rough nights, but last night was the worst. It all started when I sat down at my computer around 8:45pm to set up the web chat link to be published out on Twitter and Facebook. Since I’d already set up the Wave for the night’s discussion, I didn’t rush, knowing that it would just take a second. I fired up TokBox and clicked the “Start a Video Call” link, watched as my video came up and waited for the spinning logo to go away telling me the chat room was ready. A few seconds later the page grays out and a dialog pops up that reads, “You might be behind a firewall, please try calling again”. What the heck? I try again … same error. I think I tried several more times, then seeing that Steve (@treelobsters) was online, I asked him to try. He reported the same result.

For the first time in the history of VDS, Tokbox was completely dead to us.

The good news is that a while back, looking for an alternative to Tokbox, we had tried using a different site called “tinychat”. Our discovery at the time was TinyChat is even more horribly clunky than tokbox, and we decided not to use it, but in the case of this emergency I could at least get something going while I worked on getting tokbox back up. As it turns out we were doomed to fail miserably, because tinychat was having an “off” night as well – so we spent several hours fighting unworkable audio delays, dropped camera feeds, and major frustration all around.

We gave up some time around 10:30pm – earliest end time ever.

As of 10am this morning, New Year’s Eve, I still don’t have a solution for the problems with Tokbox, but I’ve been making sure that their tech support has many emails from me queued up in their inboxes so hopefully we’ll be working by next week. But who knows? I will be continuing to search for other video chat tools, and before you ask (because everyone has ) – Skype would be fabulous, but as far as I know there is no multi-video conference available.

Attempted conversation Topics:

Frustrated Attendees:

Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Cary Collett (@qaphsiel), Sarah Ann (@xtexasbelle), Steve DeGroof  (@treelobsters), Myron Getman (@TheMadSkeptic), Steve Thoms (@SomeCndnSkeptic), Terry Shull (@TerilynnS), Mary Spiro (@Mary_Spiro), Zach Aletheia (@zntneo), Tim at Starbucks (@tim_in_nh)

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