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#14 – No Random Junkage

Tokbox was working last night. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe. Are you skeptical? Good. Because that’s not the complete story. There are many things that I would’ve expected to be available in 2010; flying cars, replacements organs, food in pill form, failed human exploration of Jupiter, sentient homicidal computers, and most of all video conference software that WORKS.

Despite with being plagued with continuous audio delays (up to ~25 seconds), microphone “explosions”, and max headroom-esk video effects, we had a good turnout and some really good discussion. Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us.



Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Cary Collett (@qaphsiel), Sarah Ann (@xtexasbelle), Steve DeGroof  (@treelobsters), Myron Getman (@TheMadSkeptic), Steve Thoms (@SomeCndnSkeptic), Terry Shull (@TerilynnS), Tom Cookson (@MeanQuestion), Tanya Higgins (@DaisiesAndShit), Mike McElroy, Steven Groesbeck (@backin15)

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