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#18 – #Shorty is in the House

Unless you’ve been living in a hole (or a victim of the ongoing #snowmaggedon) you probably know there was lots of great things to talk about this week. On top of having a great group of regulars and a few new people (also great), all in a great mood, talking about great things, we managed to have a few nicely great surprises this week as well. Isn’t that great? (ok, I’ll stop)

Firstly, Derek Bartholomaus, who seems to be turning into a regular, joined us to talk about what’s going on with the IIG (Independent Investigations Group). They are one of the preliminary testing organizations for the JREF million dollar challenge. A few of their representatives will be on Skeptically Speaking next week about their testing of Anita Ikonen. Also, they will be testing Regen Traynor, a “telepath” on Feb 20th at 4pm PST live on ustream. Don’t miss these!

Later we had a surprise visit (well, I invited her on twitter) from none other than Dr Rachael Dunlop (@DrRachie) where we had a chance to talk briefly about her interview on Skeptically Speaking, some of the great news in skepticism this week, the shorty awards, douchebags, and ringtones (apparently).

I, for one, enjoyed talking with everyone. Thanks for spending time with us.

This week’s discussion topics:

This week’s attendees:

Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Derek Bartholomaus (@derekcbart), Jake Lsewhere (@NeonGreenSage), Shamar Hawkins (@EscapeFromDogma), Bastard Sheep (@bastardsheep), Maria Langer (@mlanger), Steve Thoms (@SomeCndnSkeptic), Luis Vidal (@NeuroPunk), K.O. Myers (@GRSkeptics), Bart Dorsey (@echobucket), Kelley Clark (@kelleyclark), Patrick Neville (@patrickneville), Joey Haban (@ZenMonkey), Dr Rachael Dunlop (@DrRachie), Kylie Sturgess (@podblack), Mali (@malidragon), ahmad, Joshua from Western Mass., Ben Shumway, Daphne

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  1. February 6, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    Good Times 🙂

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