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#19 – Host Fail, Host Hail

As many of you that follow me on twitter know, I’ve spent the last week in Florida at KSC (Kennedy Space Center) for the launch of the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) spacecraft. I was picked to serve as a “twitter correspondent” for the launch of the Atlas V rocket that carried SDO up to it’s geosynchronus orbit. (If you don’t know anything about this mission take a minute to check this out) I spent the week hanging out with other #spacetweeps, learning more about the people involved in the mission, enjoying everything there is to see at KSC, and just plain having a great time.

What else happened this week? Well, if you’re in the US, you probably know that Maryland (where I live) and many other east coast states have been buried repeatedly under tons and tons of mysterious white stuff falling from the sky. Although this may be wonderful for road salt producers and snowplow drivers, it managed to shut down the Baltimore airport for many days and trapping many of us Marylanders in our homes. For this reason I almost didn’t make it to FL, and once there I had an equally hard time trying to get home. (well, difficult in planning but the travel wasn’t bad once it happened)

All of the above is just a long two paragraph excuse for why, when I finally made it home last night, I wasn’t capable of staying awake long enough to host the video chat. I failed, and I’m very sorry. The good news is that one very motivated (and responsible) VirtualDSer named Bart Dorsey (@echobucket) took the initiative to set up the chat room and do his best to publicize that the group was still on. By then I was asleep, and I was no help. I failed, and I’m very sorry.

All hail guest-host Bart Dorsey!

Since I didn’t attend the chat last night, I only know a little about who attended and what was talked about. The wave was updated to some extent, and many people have responded to my queries on twitter about who attended. If you attended, or if there is something that needs to be linked or mentioned, please let me know in the comments.

Thanks again to all you wonderful skeptics.

This Week’s Topics

This Week’s Attendees

Bart Dorsey (@echobucket), Steve Thoms (@SomeCndnSkeptic), Derek Bartholomaus (@derekcbart), Maggie McFee (@tankgrrl), Tom Cookson (@MeanQuestion), Todd Crawford, Christopher Rehm, Josh Nicholas Center, Myron Getman (@TheMadSkeptic), …

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