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#20 – John Barrowman FTW!

As I’ve said before, many of my motives for organizing VirtualDS are selfish. I love meeting interesting and intelligent people, talking about what they are doing, exchanging ideas and making connections. The video chats help me get to know people in a personal way without having to travel all over the country (because there’s no way I would have the time/money to do it that way). This is why it’s so frustrating when we have technical problems, because I feel that I’ve missed out on opportunities to listen to what amazing people have to say.

Last night a number of people that I haven’t yet had a chance to talk to (or talk to enough) joined the video chat, unfortunately due to technical issues, time, and general silliness I still only had brief opportunities to talk with them.

  • Tonya Keyser (@skeptonya) who I met on twitter last year, shortly after Dragon*con, who I know has given talks about the importance of skepticism in the investigation of the paranormal was on for a long time listening in, but unfortunately couldn’t get her microphone to work.
  • Sharon Hill (@IDoubtIt) who writes a very interesting skeptic blog and has been known to stir up trouble in cryptozoology circles (among other things) was on as well and although she didn’t have any technical issues, the conversation never reached a point when I could talk to her directly.
  • Most skeptics should know Donna Mugavero (@MsInformation) because of her involvement in producing the Geologic Podcast (among a great many fabulous other things that she does). She graciously accepted my invitation to join us and although I did get a chance to talk with her directly (after working out microphone issues) she couldn’t stay long.

Thanks to everyone who joined in (or tried), please come back again sometime. I look forward to meeting you on chat or in real life.


Attendees and Attempted:

Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Melody Hensley (@MelodyHensley), Bastard Sheep (@bastardsheep), Gold (@unifex), Jareth Arnold (@maeamian), Tonya (@skeptonya), Pharmacist Scott (@PharmacistScott),Steve DeGroof  (@treelobsters), Myron Getman (@TheMadSkeptic), Sharon Hill (@IDoubtIt), Laura Lalchere (@DatasWife), Sheryl Westleigh(@Noadi), Loop Duplicate, Bart Dorsey (@echobucket), Donna Mugavero (@MsInformation), Steve Thoms (@SomeCndnSkeptic), Jake Lsewhere (@NeonGreenSage)

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