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#23 – Quote of the Night, “Regular Tea-baggers”

Just a quick blog update before I run out on an adventure today. If you’re in the area, it’s your last chance to come to DC this afternoon and talk with Jim Underdown and Brian Hart at the CFI-DC IIG Kick-Off meeting. Ben Radford is also giving a talk today, but unfortunately it is now sold out.

I think our VirtualDS meetings are settling into a roughly 3 hour time-slot, between 9-12pm. To be honest, we have been spending less and less time fooling around with technical issues and more time trying to figure what to talk about. Also, some people tend to talk A LOT, and others are more polite and let them. The video chat format lends itself more to obnoxious people like me that will interrupt when I want to add something.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the list of news articles that I collect during the week, although informative for some, don’t foster conversation that much. There are a few topics here and there that fuel discussion, but since many of us already know what’s going on (we’re all pretty internet-savvy) there isn’t much left to say. In the future, I’m going to probably choose less news stories, and in addition try to come up with discussion starters and perhaps skeptical games (akin to SGU’s “Science or Fiction”).


Anyway, I can’t say thanks enough to all of you, who decide to spend your evening fooling around on the computer with us. Thanks!

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