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Special Guest: Desiree Schell May 1 at 8pm EDT

Announcing “special guest”: Desiree Schell. She will be joining us at a special time on Saturday, May 1st at 8pm EDTfor a few hours to answer your questions in ‘virtual’ person.

“Desiree is the host of Skeptically Speaking, the Edmonton-based radio show that asks you to call in and question everything. She has never quite grown out of the “but why?” stage of childhood development, and considers skeptics the people least likely to be annoyed by this kind of behavior. Her fondest wish is that one day math will suddenly make sense to her, with no effort whatsoever. It’s good to dream.”

She will be speaking this year at Dragon*con and was recently featured on Skeptic.com‘s “I’m a skeptic”. To me, she is a powerhouse organizer, incredible interviewer and speaker, and one great friend and supporter of crazy ideas.

Don’t forget to congratulate her on the 1 year anniversary of Skeptically Speaking!

IMPORTANT: This will be an official “special guest” chat and will be run according to the these rules, so make sure to add it to your calendartest your setup for tokbox video, and get ready for an interesting evening. Oh, and put this on your calendar NOW!

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