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#27 – Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. (Desiree Schell)

If you’re reading this, chances are you are one of the individuals listed below; You spent the better part of 3 hours last night sitting in front of your computer like a nerd on video chat with an amazing bunch of people, including one of my favorite people, Desiree Schell. If you aren’t one of those listed, either I missed writing your name down last night (sorry), or you missed one fun evening. (If I turned you away, I’m really very sorry)

A very special thanks to Desiree and everyone who made this one of the best VirtualDS chats ever.

Discussion Topics

Desiree Schell – There was a nicely big turnout last night (maxed out at 16 I believe), no doubt because everyone wanted to hear what Desiree had to say – she is just that cool. She started by sharing her background in political skepticism and the significance of the Corey Hart song “Political Cry”. Then we relived some of her favorite experiences hosting Skeptically Speaking, such as the milestone Adam Savage episode. She talked about (and we discussed) how she views the difference between “skepticism” and “Skepticism” and her considerable experience organizing social movements. And finally she gave us a teaser for the upcoming live episode of Skeptically Speaking she’s doing at Dragon*con. (Oh, and she told us about her xkcd tattoo – don’t ask, we’re sworn to secrecy)

“The Big Discussion” – This week’s big discussion was “Boobquake”. If you didn’t know about this “protest” then you’re probably living under a rock (no offense) because the media coverage was excruciating. Unlike many online discussions that have been taking place over the last few weeks, we attempted to look at this from a skeptical point of view; What did it accomplish? Did it promote science and skepticism? Do “sex sells” approaches do any good for the social movement?

Some interesting points covered in the discussion – The problems with events such as this seems to relate back to our previous discussions about methods for the promotion of science and critical thinking, and the glaring lack of evidence of which methods work better, or at all. Media attention isn’t enough to prove success, there needs to be a way to measure the results and determine what was accomplished.

Check this out: New episode of Token Skeptic, inspired by last night’s chat

Other Topics:

  • Happy Birthday Ray Parker Jr.
  • Trivia: April 26th 1900 – Birthday of Charles Richter, American geophysicist
  • “Dalekification”
  • Trivia (unconfirmed): In the 1700’s tobacco smoke in the rectum was used to revive drowning victims, probably the source for the phrase “blowing smoke up someone’s ass”. Obviously this has not been researched or confirmed, but it sure is funny.
  • Everyone go read Jim Lippard’s blog (by order of Desiree)
  • +2 button of silence – t-shirt
  • Aquatic Ape [Greg Laden TED talk, SGU # 213]
  • “Cigarettes Smoked in this chat are not authorized by the University of Alberta”
  • Gerson Diet http://www.gerson.org
  • Firefly and the undeniable awesomeness of dusters.
  • Potential podcast idea – “I am not an asshole” (ironic title)
  • FIRST RULE OF CHAT-CLUB: Do not talk about Desiree’s tattoo!


Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Desiree Schell (@teh_skeptic), Derek Bartholomaus (@derekcbart), Matthew Kippen (@ilikeportello), Kylie Sturgess (@podblack), Adam Bourque (@A_Damn_Bourque), Christine Jenkins-Bourque, Jareth Arnold (@maeamian), Terry Jones, Steve Thoms (@SomeCndnSkeptic), Bart Dorsey (@echobucket), Sheryl Westleigh(@Noadi), Reed Esau (@reedes), K.O. Myers (@GRSkeptics), Jim Lippard (@lippard), Heidi Anderson (@heidianderson), Dan Buzzard (@DanBuzzard), Marc Cornelius (@rnoyfb),  “skeptic cat”, “_7654_”, “Benevolent Contrarian”

Apologies to people who I turned away due to software performance concerns:  Rick Gibson (@ricklesgibson), Elliot Birch (@skelliot), and a few others.

Don’t Forget: Next week is the Social Group “anything goes” chat at our usual time – Friday, May 7th at 9pm EDT

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  1. May 2, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Ah, my relationship to Corey Hart, documented for posterity.

    Thanks for having me, Brian. And thanks to everyone who came out. That was the best discussion I’ve had in a long time. 🙂

  2. May 3, 2010 at 5:58 am

    Unfortunatly my connection kept lagging so it was hard to keep track of the audio. Don’t use a wireless (cell phone network) connection would be the lesson learnd there.

    I hope that there will be more of these.

    • May 3, 2010 at 7:18 am

      Yes! We have them all the time – subscribe to the Google Calendar and you’ll always know when we have them (see the sidebar below “Upcoming Video Chats”)

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