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Special Guest: Derek Bartholomaus June 26, 8pm EDT

Announcing “special guest”: Derek Bartholomaus. He will be joining us on Saturday, June 26th at 8pm EDT for a few hours to answer your questions in ‘virtual’ person. (Please note the unusual time)

Derek Bartholomaus is a long time member of the Independent Investigations Group.  As a member of the IIG he has been involved in various paranormal investigations.  His most well known investigation has been into the claims of UFO Contactee Billy Meier.

Derek is also the creator of the Jenny McCarthy Body Count which tracks the number of Vaccine Preventable Illnesses and Vaccine Preventable Deaths that have occurred since Jenny McCarthy started telling parents to not vaccinate their children.

Derek holding the Billy Meier Wedding Cake UFO model

Derek works professionally as a Post Production Producer on various television shows.  He has worked on shows such as Fear Factor, Mind of Mencia, and Lewis Black’s Root Of All Evil.  His most recent show is BrainSurge, which is a critical thinking game show for 9-12 year olds on Nickelodeon.  The new season of BrainSurge begins on Monday, June 21, 2010.

IMPORTANT: This will be an official “special guest” chat and will be run according to the these rules, so make sure to add it to your calendartest your setup for tokbox video, and get ready for an interesting evening. Oh, and put this on your calendar NOW!

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