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#32 – Billy Meier, Jenny McCarthy, Techno-Daughter, Dr Who, and TAM (Derek Bartholomaus)


We enjoyed another “first” on the chat last night! We had a special guest that brought show and tell! He claims to have not been prepared, but we know better (well, we’re skeptical) and were very pleased that Derek brought photos, audio, and many fascinating stories about his adventures in paranormal investigation at the IIG-West. In fact, there was so much to talk about that after a little over 3 hours, I’m sure we didn’t get to everyone’s questions (sorry to those who didn’t get all their questions answered).

Thank you very much Derek, for taking time to chat with us, and thanks to everyone who attended!


  • Billy Meier – Derek described much of the back story of this claimed alien abductee, showed us some of the original photos produced by him, in comparison to new photos produced of similarly made models of the claimed alien spacecraft. We also got to hear a recording of the sound the spacecraft made, and He told the story of how they discovered the very simple (and terrestrial) source for that noise. He even showed us the model he made of the spacecraft. [IIG – The Billy Meier Case, IIG – Space Ship Audio Deconstruction]
  • Billy Meier claimed time-travel photo of a pteranodon, was actually a photograph of an illustration from the book Life Before Man, which was written by Zdenek V. Spinar.
  • Billy Meier claimed alien photo, was actually a photograph of a Singer From 1969-1973 Era Of The Dean Martin Variety Show
  • The famous “I Want To Believe” poster from the X-Files is actually one of Billy Meier’s photos.
  • Why are aliens always from the Pleiades when that area is so hostile to life?
  • If you’ve got kids, check out BrainSurge on Nickelodeon
  • Jenny McCarthy Body Count is currently at 515, but doesn’t include the recently reported Pertussis (Whooping cough) deaths in California. This is due to many reasons, mainly because of the delay in reporting by the CDC. It is important to note that there many be other reasons people may not be vaccinated besides the horrible anti-vaccination message of Jenny McCarthy, including poverty, lack of education, and illegal immigration status.
  • Paul M. Fleiss – Ugh, just read the wikipedia page. This guy is … unique. (and yes, he’s Heidi Fleiss’s dad)
  • Jenny McCarthy’s school for autistic children shut down almost immediately after her split with Jim Carrey
  • Scientists have the genetic causes of autism in their sights
  • Other WACKED-OUT ideas: People claiming that Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is a misdiagnoses of Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis. (I’m not going to link to this, but if you would like the link just ask)
  • Crazy nurse training courses offered to (and approved by) the California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN) to point out an incredible weakness in the system (in response to this existing CME program) [Brian Hart of IIG-West will be giving a talk about this at TAM, on Sunday, July 11th at 8am]
  • Recommendation to new IIG groups: Prepare to deal with stupid.
  • The John Birch Society and Anti-fluoridation
  • We’ve given Myron’s daughter a nick-name: Techno-daughter, and we agree she’s the cutest skeptic ever. She asked us if we are all on computers because she didn’t believe it.
  • Nerd phone apps
  • We played the “One-up Game” and I am the official winner. (Light saber FTW)
  • Derek’s other website, Conservative Truths and the baffling relationship between libertarianism and skepticism.
  • “I love it when everyone talks at once” – no really, because it means we’re all engaged in the discussion.
  • Square glasses and skeptics – discuss.
  • Intelligent people who believe weird stuff and cognitive dissonance.
  • Movies and the inability to turn off the skepticism: Twighlight, Starship Troopers, and a lame 6th Sense joke.
  • New Dr. Who kicks ass. Enough said.
  • Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Die Cast Sonic Screwdriver


Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Derek Bartholomaus (@derekcbart), Adam Bourque (@A_Damn_Bourque), Benevolent Contrarian (Mark), John Cornelius (@ArgentArdor), Joshua Hunt (@Josh2085), Ryan Jean, Skeptic Cat (@skepticcat), Tequila Tarian, Terry Shull (@TerilynnS), Michael Cornett (@Vagrarian), Desiree Schell (@teh_skeptic), Alex Murdoch, Mike McElroy, Brian Hart, David Price, Julie Ward (@AatRB), Steve DeGroof (@treelobsters), Joey Haban (@ZenMonkey), Travis Roy (@Sc00ter), Wendy Lee, Mary Spiro (@Mary_Spiro), Myron Getman (@TheMadSkeptic), Nicole Gugliucci (@NoisyAstronomer)

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  1. Ryan Jean
    June 27, 2010 at 11:29 am

    “We’ve given Myron’s daughter a nick-name: Techno-daughter…”

    I still chuckle as I think about this one. I don’t know who said “techno-daughter” first, but for context, the name came because of comparing Myron to the internet-famous “Techno-Viking.” (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/technoviking)

    I like that you put up the group “facepalm” picture, but I’m a bit surprised you didn’t describe it. That was truly a great moment.

    BTW, you may want to look into use of the “nofollow” tag on links, so that you can link to objectionable materials for information purposes without search engines interpreting it at an endorsement.

  2. June 28, 2010 at 7:41 am

    Something to talk about at your next meeting:

    Over 2,800 professionals (including over 260 dentists) urge the US Congress to stop water fluoridation until Congressional hearings are conducted, citing scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is ineffective and has serious health risks. See statement: http://www.fluorideaction.org/statement.august.2007.html

    Also, eleven Environmental Protection Agency employee unions representing over 7000 environmental and public health professionals called for a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation programs across the country, and have asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious risk of causing cancer in people.

    Approximately, 80 US communities rejected fluoridation in 2008 & 2009 with more on the way.

    for more info http://www.fluorideAction.Net

  3. June 28, 2010 at 8:29 am

    The CDC ran (and sponsored) multiple studies about Flouride. You can find the results on their fact page: http://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/safety.htm

    “Nearly all water on earth contains naturally occurring fluoride at levels below, equal to, or above those used in community water fluoridation. Scientists have found a lack of evidence to show an association between water fluoridation and a negative impact on people, plants, or animals.” CDC Fact Sheet

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