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#33 – Technology sucks, but we love it anyway

HP 311-1037NR

As part of my uncontrolled excitement about going to my first TAM, and in preparation for the Thursday night special event, I inflicted a bit of pain and suffering on the chat group last night. Fortunately, I didn’t interfere too much with the discussion and due to a great turnout we managed to have 3 hours of great chat.

As usual, THANK YOU to everyone who jacked in – the chat is only as good as the group that shows up.



Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Adam Bourque (@A_Damn_Bourque), Benevolent Contrarian (Mark), Nathan Hinman (@northernskeptic), Paula Struz, Skeptic Cat (@skepticcat), Stephen King, Tom Cookson (@MeanQuestion), K.O. Myers (@GRSkeptics), Reno Skeptics (@RenoSkeptics), JD Mack, Sharon Hill (@IDoubtIt), Mike McElroy, Travis Di, Patrick Fisher, Bart Dorsey (@echobucket), Desiree Schell (@teh_skeptic), David Price (@crocofish)

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  1. =^skeptic cat^=
    July 4, 2010 at 12:10 am

    ehem, the unicorn museum – http://www.unicornmuseum.org

    jk it was a great chat … i think i learned something new or garnered some insight from every person there ….

    • July 4, 2010 at 9:54 am

      Oh yeah! I must’ve missed grabbing that link, Thanks.

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