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#36 – Robot Genitals and Saddled Alligators (Brian Thompson)

Well that was it. We didn’t think it was possible, but we resigned ourselves to not leave the discussion table until the world’s most pressing, most important, and most daunting problem was solved. It took nearly 3 hours of heated debate, some of it quite forceful and some things were said that really hurt (on the inside – *sniffle*) but all in all I’m proud of the solution we came up with.

If you’re in Louisiana, and you want to drink your blue-strawed drive-through daiquiri while driving (which apparently you could only get in Louisiana), just saddle an alligator and ride up in that puppy. It’s perfectly legal, we checked. Yup, we can all sleep better now.

Thanks to Brian Thompson for clearing his busy social schedule to come hang out with us on a Friday night, and thanks to everyone else who joined in the fun.

Don’t forget to check out Brian’s blog and podcast, “The Amateur Scientist


  • Robot Genitals are right up his alley. TMI, geez.
  • We’re starting a Tokbox “birther” movement. Yup, it’s from Kenya.
  • Brian’s mom called.
  • Brian decided to start podcasting because he listened to Penn’s radio show, the SGU, and others and thought, “Fuck those guys” (hm, my notes may not be completely correct on this one)
  • Dickaware Dickware (c)
  • We agreed that podcasting is a great way to get people to talk to you that wouldn’t normally do so. (Why else do you think I do this video chat?)
  • Billy Bob Thornton is terrified of antique furniture
  • Antiquing Story: Found a piece that had comedy show tickets (Steven Wright, George Carlin, etc). When asking the guy about the Carlin show, he replied he didn’t like that he was so political. *facepalm*
  • The Phil Hendrie Show – Call-in show where Phil does the voices of the callers.
  • Don Novello – The Lazlo Letters
  • “Aren’t you Brian Dunning?”
  • Amateur Scientist LIVE! – Sunday night at Dragon*con
  • Apparently Brian is brokering a trade with Blake – something about a fertility idol and a bag of sand.
  • Amateur Scientist Podcast – Fred Phelps Jr. Interview
  • Baptists, Methodists, and Calvinists – oh my!
  • One of the all time best Amateur Scientist episodes – Halloween Spooktacular with a collection of ghost stories, although Brian says Blake’s entry was … poor.
  • Turbodog, Purple Haze, Abita Blue, Jacomo IPA, and sadly Blue Moon.
  • Apparently there’s an old Louisiana law – If you throw beads, resulting in “untopping”, you are entitled to %86 of their property. 1) Stupid drunk is somehow required 2) “untop” is now a normal part of my vocabulary
  • Noble Alligator Mushers of Beautiful Louisiana or NAMBLA
  • “I try not to stand on illegal aliens, but that’s mainly because I don’t walk through my front yard”
  • Oh that sexy, sultry Chupacabra
  • Brian was the first to buy a ticket for this year’s Dragon*con star party.
  • “I have been practicing for this for my entire life.”
  • Glen Beck is a great american
  • Gene Wilder, Basil Rathbone – Same person?
  • Phil Plait’s show looks good, hopeful for Chris Hardwick show, Adam & Jamie doing programming for Discovery, Kari Byron doing kid’s show.
  • Coast to Coast AM – never the same since the loss of Art Bell
  • Courtney Brown, Ph.D.  – “Cosmic Voyage”Prudence CalabreseEric Von DanikenZecharia Sitchin
  • Great Controversy between Christ and Satan” – history of semen? I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s the same universe in which vampires sparkle.
  • At one time, Brian taught high school English. “Giving a kid a book that they don’t want to read is like kicking them in the nuts”
  • Tim & Eric – glad it’s only 15 mins
  • The Bugle – funniest podcast out there
  • Comedy Death Ray, Doug Loves Movies, Marc Maron ShowSound of Young America
  • Article in Skeptical Inquirer about “Paranormal State”
  • Glimore Girls. Lauren Graham. Enough said.


Brian Thompson (@AmSci), Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), Travis Dick, Joshua Hunt (@Josh2085), Greg Fish (@gfish3000), Ryan Jean, Michael Cornett (@Vagrarian), Adam Bourque (@A_Damn_Bourque), Alex Murdoch, Rick Gibson (@ricklesgibson), Paulas Struz, Cory Albrecht (@Bytor), Myron Getman (@TheMadSkeptic), Blake Smith (@doctoratlantis), Rachel Wolf (@redletterrachel), Tonya (@skeptonya)

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