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#37 – In which we discuss guns, sex, and bad words

Thanks to everyone that came out to a very fun Friday nerd-fest, although we didn’t spend too much time talking about various nerd topics. Most of the time we spent in deep conversation about hard topics, like; How fast can I clean a twelve gauge shotgun? Why you shouldn’t use cheap lube with condoms? What flavors of pudding are best for nude wrestling? and What non-words do people use that make us want to throttle them? (well, I guess that last one is kinda nerdy)

Did you miss it? Sorry, that’s too bad, but don’t worry! Join us for one of our special guest chats later in the month, or come back next month for the free-for-all Social Group.


  • Don’t get enough video chat discussion or can’t make Friday nights? Make sure you check out the Cleveland Skeptics’ Freethought Matrix. These guys are hard code and chat every Wednesday night.
  • Are you a skeptic group organizer and you’re coming to Dragon*con? Come join us for the “Networking Skeptically” organizer lunch
  • Anyone in the Washington DC area, make sure to put Sunday, Oct 3rd on your calendar for Skepticamp DC. (More details will materialize as we get closer to the event)
  • VirtualDS 1 Year Anniversary Extravaganza, September 25th – This will be a special event discussion panel on the state of online skeptical activism. Panelists include: Desiree Schell, Derek & Swoopy, Tim Farley, Reed Esau, Travis Roy, and K.O. Myers
  • Upcoming Special Guests:  Nicole Gugliucci – Aug 20th and Blake Smith – Aug 27th

This Week’s Discussion Topics:

This Week’s Attendees:

Brian Gregory (@briandgregory), David Price (@crocofish), Jamye Johnston (@jamyej), Nathan Hinman (@northernskeptic), Nicole Gugliucci (@NoisyAstronomer), Rick Gibson (@ricklesgibson), Ryan Jean, Stephen King (@jstephenking), Jake Lsewhere, Heidi Anderson (@heidianderson), Brian Thompson (@AmSci), Sean Sullivan, Tana Owens, Patrick Fisher (@cdnfish), Shamar Hawkins (@EscapeFromDogma)

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  1. August 8, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    Stephen King reminded me on twitter that in addition to the shotgun that was on camera, there were 2 swords as well.

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