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First Anniversary Extravaganza – Saturday, Sept 25th, 9pm EDT

In case you didn’t know, Sept 28th is the one year anniversary of our very first video chat. To celebrate this momentous occasion (or whatever) I’m going to try a little experiment. The idea is to collect a number of known people from within the Skeptic community and bring them together on camera, force them to answer questions, and let everyone else watch.

We will try to have a real discussion, something interesting and informative, such as “Organizing Critical Thinking and Science Activism on the Internet” and with the help of many of my skeptical friends (that are WAY smarter than myself) I will have some interesting and insightful questions to ask my esteemed panel. But, since VirtualDS is all about fun (and taking advantage of the strange openness that hiding behind a video camera provides) we will certainly be enjoying some of the same chaotic silliness that all VDS chats have.

The panel members will be: Desiree Schell (Skeptically Speaking), K.O. Myers (Grassroots Skeptics), Travis Roy (Granite State Skeptics), Robynn “Swoopy” McCarthy (Skepticality), Derek Colanduno (Skepticality), Tim Farley (What’s the Harm?), and Reed Esau (SkeptiCamp)

A few things that you need to know about “the experiment”

Unlike the normal VDS video chats, not everyone will be on camera or be allowed to speak. This particular chat will use the “Video Conference” features of tokbox, meaning the panelists will be on camera and having the discussion, most everyone else will be a part of the “audience”. That does not mean you can’t participate! This particular feature set for tokbox allows people to text chat, record and submit questions by video, and even be brought into the video chat to ask questions or participate in the discussion. I plan to take full advantage of these features to make sure this event will be lively and a ton of fun.

Also, for the first time ever in the history of VDS, this chat is going to be recorded. Well, the audio part will be recorded, edited, and posted so that internet users can listen and enjoy for many years to come.

Mark your calendars! Tell your friends! Free Stuff!

That’s right I’m currently putting together a few packages of swag for the viewing audience. If you attend and participate somehow, you may very well win some cool VDS Stuff, or perhaps some other very interesting and special free-bees. So don’t miss it!

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