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#41 – Mega-Skeptics Share Their Secrets, but Wear Pants

Art by Jennifer Newport

I would have to say last night’s experiment was an incredible success. The world’s worst video conference software (Tokbox) performed adequately (Well, for most of us, apparently Tokbox has a personal vendetta against Derek & Swoopy), we managed to have some good discussion, there was a great turnout (averaged a 20 member audience), and some good fun was had by all.

In addition to our expected and awesome panel (Desiree Schell, K.O. Myers, Travis Roy, Robynn “Swoopy” McCarthy, Derek Colanduno, Tim Farley, and Reed Esau), we managed to con Blake Smith and Jeff Wagg to join the on camera discussion.

But for me, now the the real work begins. The idea is for me to piece together the best bits from what was recorded in last night’s 3 hour session, and produce podcast-like gold. My hope is to have this posted by the end of the week.


  • Promoting and organizing groups, events, and projects to the Skeptic Community online and in real life
  • The limits of online organizing and networking. What can we do to break out of these limits?
  • The roles, uses, and problems dealing with various types of skeptic groups, both online and in real life.
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly of “The Blogosphere”
  • Tokbox hate all around – wishing for super deluxe video setups for all
  • What skeptical project would you do if you had infinite resources?
  • The difference between professional and volunteer skeptics, and the need to connect “old school” experience with “new school” tech-savvy and motivation.
  • “Nerd Time”
  • “Dunning Bombing” (This episode’s Dunning count is 3)

I’d like to thank all of the panelists, without whom this would not be full of so much awesome. Your time is valuable and I really appreciate you donating some of it. Also, thanks to all who came to listen and participate!

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