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#41 – 1st Anniversary Audio Hack-Job. Get It Here!

You can now download the heavily edited audio from last Sunday’s First Anniversary Extravaganza. I had relatively clean audio tracks from most of the panelists, but had to piece together some of Desiree Schell and Reed Esau, and all of Blake Smith and Jeff Wagg. Also, I did my best to remove microphone noise, clinking glasses, echo, and as much of that annoying rambling moderator guy as possible. I managed to edit about a 3 hour chat down to a little over an hour.

Since this is my first attempt at turning the chaos that is Tokbox into something that non-attendees can enjoy, I am really interested in any feedback. Is this something that people would be interested in? Does it have any value? Do you think people would endure the pain and suffering of listening in order to hear the interesting discussions of people who know what they’re talking about? (not me, the guests)

Also, if you choose to listen to this, please stick it out to the end. It starts a bit slow, but the end is quite hilarious.

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