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Special Guest: Daniel Loxton Oct 15th, 9pm EDT

Announcing “special guest”: Daniel Loxton. He will be joining us on Friday, Oct 15th at 9pm EDT for a few hours to answer your questions in ‘virtual’ person.

Daniel’s biography from the Dragon*con website:

Daniel is an author and illustrator of science and critical thinking books, especially for young readers. His latest illustrated book, Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be, is new from Kids Can Press in 2010. It follows in the footsteps of his 2009 Darwin 2009 celebration book, Evolução (produced by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for distribution to high school students in Portugal). His next book will be an academic treatment of cryptozoology for Columbia University Press (coauthored with best-selling science writer Don Prothero).

Daniel is also the Editor of skepticism’s premier critical thinking publication for kids, Junior Skeptic — the kids’ science periodical bound inside Skeptic magazine. He writes and illustrates most issues.

As a writer, Daniel is Skeptic magazine’s resident expert on cryptozoology and monster mysteries. He has also written on subjects from Roswell to crystal skulls to sheep herding for Skeptic, eSkeptic, Skeptical Briefs, Ascent magazine, Cryptomundo, and (in Finnish translation) Skeptikko.

As an illustrator, Daniel specializes in computer generated and mixed media cover art for books and magazines relating to science, skepticism, and humanism. In addition to his many Junior Skeptic and Skeptic magazine covers, he has done covers for Yes mag, Free Inquiry, and Princeton’s Common Sense. (His Skeptic covers have been waved at the camera by Stephen Colbert and Larry King.)

He has also contributed interior illustration to the American Geological Institute’s Geotimes magazine (now called Earth) and the book Dino’s en Draken (published by Holland’s Teylers Museum).

Daniel has been featured on the cover of Humanist Perspectives and on CBC Radio One, and is a regular guest on the podcasts Skepticality and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. In 2008, the front page of Canada’s National Post reported Daniel’s findings investigating an alternative medicine scandal.

Before joining the editorial staff at Skeptic, Daniel was a professional shepherd for nine years (working mostly in the wilderness along the BC side of the Alaska Panhandle).

So, If you have any questions about shepherding, this will be the video chat for you. Oh, I almost forgot, he has his own wikipedia article as well.

IMPORTANT: This will be an official “special guest” chat and will be run according to the these rules, so make sure to add it to your calendartest your setup for tokbox video, and get ready for an interesting evening. Oh, and put this on your calendar NOW!

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