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Special Event: SkeptiCamp Virtual Post Mortem 2010

When I first heard about SketpiCamp on twitter, I wasn’t really sure what it was, but after some of the feedback and video showed up on the web from Colorado, NY, and other places, I suspected whatever it was it was pretty cool. Then in February, Reed Esau, the guy behind these “informal, community-organized conferences borne from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment”, did a “Speaking Up” segment on Skeptically Speaking, and I learned for the first time the details of what was definitely a cool idea. Somehow, between then and now, I managed to socialize the idea enough in the Washington D.C. area that a group of the best volunteers in the world organized and executed what was, in my opinion, the coolest SkeptiCamp in the country (perhaps in north american).

Reed has been on VirtualDS a number of times, including as a panelist on the First Anniversary Episode, and understands the benefit of using video chat for collaboration, even though the technology still isn’t that great. For example, he has encouraged others to use video chat to run their SkeptiCamp planning meetings in cases when getting everyone in the room together is difficult. Therefore it wasn’t too big a surprise when he approached me with the idea of having a “2010 Virtual Post Mortem”.

Here’s a description of the event from the wiki page:

On November 12th, a panel of SkeptiCamp organizers will meet in an online video conference to discuss lessons learned from the past year of events. This is an open event where anyone is welcome to attend.

SkeptiCamp focuses (in part) on producing substantive events within the reach of informal groups of skeptics anywhere around the world. These events most often are put together by inexperienced organizers who must build upon the experience of others who have successfully hosted events of their own. To develop those practices we must collaborate; we must share our experiences of organizing events so that others can benefit.

The video chat will moderated by Reed, and I’ll do the technical end. We’ll be starting at the customary 9pm EDT and although the chat is open to everyone, the number of video slots are limited, so if you want to be heard, get there early. Make sure to read the full wiki page for more information, plus if you are an organizer for a SkeptiCamp event, sign up to represent your group.

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