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Special Guest: Sharon Hill – Feb 18, 9pm ET

Announcing “special guest”: Sharon Hill. She will be joining us on Friday, Feb 18th at 9pm ET for a few hours to answer your questions in ‘virtual’ person.

Sharon Hill has been an active member of the skeptical community since 1993. In 2006, she began her blog “Doubtful” which covers topics relating to paranormal happenings, cryptozoology, anomalous natural phenomena, science & society and general skeptical goodness. She also created the website Seeking Spooks and Monsters for beginning critical thinkers to investigate monsters and ghosts. Her day job is geologist and policy specialist. She just completed a Masters degree in Education in Science and the Public from SUNY at Buffalo and published a thesis entitled “Being scientifical: Popularity, Purpose and Promotion of Amateur Research and Investigation Groups in the U.S.” that examined ghost hunters, UFO seekers and monster trackers and their use of “science” and scientific methods. [You can watch her SkeptiCamp DC presentation on the subject here.] Other writings were published in The Single Best Idea Ever: Darwin Day Collection One, The Anomalist no. 13, Skeptical Briefs and currently on SheThought.com. Previously the organizer of Drinking Skeptically Harrisburg (PA), in 2010 she spearheaded the formation Keystone Society for Rational Inquiry to address skeptical issues in Pennsylvania.

IMPORTANT: This will be an official “special guest” chat and will be run according to the these rules, so make sure to add it to your calendartest your setup for tokbox video, and get ready for an interesting evening. Oh, and put this on your calendar NOW!

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