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Special Guest: Elyse Anders – April 22, 9pm ET

Announcing “special guest”: Elyse Anders. She will be joining us on Friday, Mar 11 at 9pm ETfor a few hours to answer your questions in ‘virtual’ person.

“Elyse Anders is President of the Women Thinking Free Foundation, a non-profit organization working to increase awareness of science, critical thinking and skepticism in a world clouded with pseudoscience, homeopathy and psychic predictions. She is a mother of two, who wants to counter the misinformation & pseudoscience being promoted against vaccines by the likes of Jenny McCarthy and others. In November 2010 she spearheaded a successful effort to have a national movie theater chain removed anti-vaccine service announcement that were scheduled to air before films. She also writes for the popular blog Skepchick.” ~ Thanks to the official TAM9 speaker listing for the picture and biography.

REMINDER: This video chat will take place on the new service, Adobe Connect. Take a look here for how to set it up and test your system.

Follow this link to join the chat:

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