NECSS 2011

I’m a 41 year old software hack that has recently discovered that most of his assumptions about life are wrong; including beliefs, expectations, roles, etc. This transformation, fueled by the Internet, Social Media, Podcasts, and traditional media, has sparked my passion for science, reason, and the naturalistic worldview.

My motivation for “Virtual Drinking Skeptically”:

Drinking Skeptically is “an informal social event designed to promote fellowship and networking among skeptics, critical-thinkers, and like-minded individuals”. These “real life” groups meet around the country to provide an opportunity for skeptics and skeptic-friendly people to talk, share ideas (and yes, drink) in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

I have met, and continue to meet quite a few people online that either don’t have a DS group nearby or are trying to start them. It occurred to many of us that since we already meet online via social media, that it could be possible to have a virtual meeting using video conference software. This is how “Virtual Drinking Skeptically” was born.

It is not my intention to replace or interfere with any of the “real life” DS meetings, local skeptic groups, or conferences, only to augment them by promoting science and critical thinking, encouraging the formation and provide resources to support “real” DS groups, and by providing a virtual DS experience for those that so desire it. In addition, VDS can provide a way for skeptics to reach out socially into other areas of the country, or the world.

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