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This site is being moved to tumblr.

That’s right, I’m moving the blog to tumblr. Oh no, there’s no really GOOD reason to do this. (Other that the minor issue that I’ve grown to hate wordpress with a passion) Anyway, please stay tuned while I figure out the best way to make this everything that you’ve come to expect from virtualds, with the added coolness that comes from being on tumblr, whatever that is.

New site: or (when resolving)

This site will remain up for archival purposes.

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Life Intrudes

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Due to many factors, including travel, career, and “life”, I have been unable to update the blog for about a month. I apologize, because I really care for this project and I value the many people that I spend time with on the video chat. In a related fashion, the Social Group chat, originally scheduled for this Friday, has been moved to Dec 17th, and will be the last video chat of the year. Don’t worry though, in January we’ll be coming back with a vengeance – Special Guests galore, topical chats, and more panel discussions.

Sometime between now and then I’ll be posting summaries from the follow chats that have already taken place:

  • #44 – 11/5/2010 – Social Group
  • #45 – 11/12/2010 – SkeptiCamp Post-Mortem
  • #46 – 11/19/2010 – Special Guest: Ben Radford
  • #47 – 12/17/2010 – Social Group
  • #48 – 1/7/2011 – Social Group
  • #49 – 1/28/2011 – Special Guest: Jeff Wagg

Stay Tuned…

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