Join the Chat

We are now using a browser and flash based video chat service called Adobe Connect. This is a professional class online meeting package that allows video/audio conference, as well as sharing of pretty much everything you’d expect to share (plus a few other bells and whistles). It supports windows, linux, and mac platforms, so everyone should be able to attend and participate if they so choose.

How to connect:

If you are new to Adobe Connect, the first thing you need to do is read and follow the Visual Quickstart Guide for Participants [PDF], or watch the Jumpstart for Participants video.

Next, as stated in the above guide, make sure you perform the connection test, and while you’re there make sure you download the Adobe Connect Plugin.

WARNING: The video chat software tends to be a bit of a bandwidth, memory, and cpu hog. This means that you’ll need a high-speed internet connection that you are hardwired to (no wifi), and a computer with plenty of memory and cpu power.

Once the chat starts (check the schedule), all you should need to do is follow the link associated with the event (each event will have a unique URL). This link will be published on the blog in the event notice (if there is one), on twitter, on facebook, and in the Google calendar item. Your browser and adobe flash should do most of the work, and once you’ve entered the chat we can help you with any problems you encounter.

You will need a microphone to be heard, and a camera to be seen, although you can participate without either. To be clear: You don’t need a camera or microphone to participate. You can audio-only chat, text-only chat, or just watch.

For more information on Adobe Connect, there is a library of “getting started” videos and documents here.


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